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Social Responsability

In RAINBOW PERU TRAVEL, we have a solid and constant commitment to comply with good sustainable tourism practices to protect and benefit the environment, our collaborators, suppliers and the local communities of the tourist destinations we operate.


In RAINBOW PERU TRAVEL. We care for the environment in all our processes, managing and minimizing the impact of our operations and promoting responsible actions both within the Company and with those with whom we interact.

We know that our planet Earth is an incredible place, but it is far from perfect, RAINBOW PERU TRAVEL is trying to do the right things to keep our world better for all of us and those who are not considered.

Our sustainability policy incorporates the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and seeks to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in the destinations where we operate, minimizing actions that can generate climate change, ensuring the welfare of our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and the community.

Promote inclusive social and economic development in tourist destinations, generating employment opportunities for all groups in society and the community. Through the projects it carries out, it is the clearest expression of our commitment to the well-being of the population in the destinations in which we work. We reinforce the efforts of the community and the government to protect and satisfy the rights of the child and condemn any practice related to the sexual exploitation of children, adolescents and any action that violates human rights.

In the field of environmental care, RAINBOW PERU TRAVEL aims to achieve sustainable tourism, which is responsible and friendly to nature. Our goal is to achieve activities that pollute as little as possible and that transmit to the tourist the importance of enjoying a trip that cares and preserves the places it visits. We offer our customers the possibility to offset their carbon footprint during their trip.

RAINBOW PERU TRAVEL invests in the future by leading a strong focus on sustainable tourism projects and practices. Our goals are to establish responsible practices that will have minimal impact on the environments and communities in which we work and, at the same time, ensure that our clients enjoy a memorable journey.