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Chucuito Aramuro Muro Tour – Mystical Tour 1 Day

A few kilometers from Lake Titicaca, in Peru, is the portal of Aramu Muru, or also called Hayu Marca "city of spirits" or door of the Gods.
A few kilometers from Lake Titicaca, in Peru, is the portal of Aramu Muru, or also called Hayu Marca "city of spirits" or door of the Gods.
A few kilometers from Lake Titicaca, in Peru, is the portal of Aramu Muru, or also called Hayu Marca "city of spirits" or door of the Gods.

Tour Chucuito Aramuro Muro Tour

The area of Chucuito is located at a distance of 18 Kms. A (20 min) from Puno, where you can find this construction that dates from the Inca era, built with large blocks of polished stone and skirting board on the outside. In its interior we can find a wall of smaller carved stones, it is the Inca Uyo. And on the construction of these there are many speculations about the motivation for which they were made. This enclosure of 20.10 by 10.36 meters has its access directed at 35 degrees to the northeast, which is the direction of the winds of the Lake.

According to their construction it is perceived that the outer edge of the access and the opposite inner edge establish a line that has east-west and north-south orientation. These lines coincide with the inner corners of the enclosure, which allows us to assume that the construction is designed to be used as a geodesic-astronomical observatory and to be able to define the propitious moments for agricultural activities.

With a distance of 18 kms approximately with a duration of 1 hour and a half rises what is considered a unique wonder of this region: the Door of Aramu Muru, a portico of carved stone seven meters wide by seven high.

The inhabitants of the place say that it is the entrance to the “Temple of Illumination of the Gods Wiracocha, Merú” or “Hayu Marca”, and they tell stories about this door, like that some afternoons it becomes semi-transparent allowing to glimpse an illuminated city.

Popular comments say that, if you place your hands on the inner frame of the frame and rest your head on the crack, you perceive strange sensations such as seeing fire, and listening to melodies and even tunnels that cross the mountain.

Of all the people who have tried to perceive these phenomena, only a few managed to notice some of the sensations described above.

The natives consider the place called “Aramu Muru” as a door in itself, and the man as the key, which can pass through it when it is in tune with the sun.

On this day we will have a visit to this impressive place and live an unforgettable experience for 6 hours.

Why do an excursion to Aramu Muru?

  • The Mysticism: full of mysticism and in addition that prestigious chains of television investigate on this place (History Channel, NatGeo, Discovery Channel, ExtremeTv, etc.)
  • Quiet hike: A place where you can feel the relaxing and peaceful energy, full of mysticism.
  • Rock formation: an astonishing forest of stones around.
  • Archaeology: This temple functions as an altar for the Andean cultures of the past (Tiahuanaco, Lupacas, Incas).

Itinerary (we have two schedules)

  • 07:30AM Pick up from your hotel.
  • 08:00AM Chucuito Tour: Inca Uyo, Churches of Santo Domingo and Asunción, Mirador, Trout Farm (Optional).
  • 09:00AM Departure to ARAMU MURU.
  • 11:30AM Arrival in Aramu Muru and guided visit to the Inter dimensional door (1 hour and a half).
  • 10:00AM Return to Puno.
  • 12:30PM Arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotel.
  • 02:00PM Pick up from your hotel.
  • 03:00PM Guided tour to Aramu Muru and visit to the interdimensional door (1 hour).
  • 04:00PM Departure to Chucuito.
  • 05:00PM Visit Inca Uyo, Santo Domingo and Asunción Churches, Mirador, Trout Farm (Optional).
  • 06:00PM Return to the city of Puno.
  • 06:30PM Arrival to the city of Puno and transfer to the hotel.

Complete Itinerary

The portal of the gods: Aramu Muru

Aramu Muru O Hayu Marca, is one of the most mystical places and full of energy that exists in Lake Titicaca, this enigmatic altar was carved from a single piece of rock of more than 5 meters, surrounded by a very particular landscape is the landmark of many mystic visitors.

Description of the tour to Hayu Marca:

In our tour to “Aramu Muru” we will make interesting stops along the route; the first stop is in the Chucuito area an interesting colonial town that also houses remains of a curious Inca temple called the temple of fertility or “Inca Uyo” in it is about 20 phallus carved in stone sign of having been a ritual center dedicated to fertility.

After this stop we will continue south to go to the portal of the “Aramu Muru” located in the middle of a forest of stones, after a walk through the place we arrive at the mystical door a place of meditation.


  • Advice one day before the tour.
  • Tickets Inca Uyo and Aramu Muru.
  • Spanish/English guide (French on request).
  • Tourist transport.


  • Others not mentioned in the program.


  • Camera, toilet paper and extra batteries.
  • A bottle of water (1 liter).
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Backpack with the essentials.
  • Snack, cookies, candy, etc.
  • Light and warm clothing.

RATES 2019-2020

Exclusive service: we will only operate on our tourists; we will not pass or join with other agencies. Our groups in average are from 2 to 6 people, the departure is guaranteed 100% even if it is only one person.

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