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Puno Tours

Inhabited by the Aymaras -former town that once dominated the heights- and at 3680 meters above sea level, is Puno, a city bordered by Lake Titicaca and that was the cradle of the Inca civilization. According to legend, from the bottom of Lake Titicaca, emerged Manco Capac, the first Inca, to whom the God of the Sun had ordered the foundation of an empire.

At the moment the city of Puno is the capital of the department that takes the same name, eminently cattleman and agricultural and extends to borders of the Lake Titicaca, in the south-eastern zone of Peru. Immersed in a clearly Andean landscape, its buildings are austere, gray and calamine roofs and today one of the areas with greater potential for archaeological tourism.

With an immense natural wealth that can be appreciated through its immense Lake of calm waters and its floating islands, those who decide to visit the region should not miss the Tinajani Tower, the old pre-Inca monuments, its churches and cathedrals, its museums and craft markets that are held on Cahuide Street and Laykakota Avenue.