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Peru Nature Tour Tambopata 3 days / 2 nights


Tambopata Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights

This tour includes a combination of journeys in the middle of nature and untamed combination of tropical forests, swamps, where it is not easy to find roads, but if we can follow winding rivers all accompanied by implacable jungle, where it was common to think that travelers only survived by the grace of God. But in these times the department of Madre de Dios has become more accessible, but still conserves its wild nature with the Tambopata Reserve and the impressive Sandoval Lake.

The Tambopata National Reserve consists of enormous extensions of uninterrupted jungle that are protected in national parks, reserves, and by several lodges that we can find in the Peruvian jungle.

This part of the Peruvian jungle is characterized by not being very inhabited and the lack of roads makes the natural areas of Madre de Dios remain intact. However, a newly constructed road connecting routes to the Pacific with routes to the Atlantic Ocean has brought more settlers to the region, along with associated deforestation, hunting and mining activities that could pose a threat to the forests of Madre de Dios.

Itinerary of Trips to Tambopata and Sandoval Lake

We will tell you about the beautiful places that we will know with this Tour.

Our trip begins with your flight to Puerto Maldonado, and a trip to the lodge, you will be greeted at the airport by your naturalist guide to be taken to where our boat awaits us to make our trip down the Tambopata River to the lodge.

In our journey we will be able to view the beautiful changes of vegetation characteristic of the zone, from areas colonized by the population until arriving at the virgin forest. Then we’ll enjoy lunch. When we arrive we will receive a welcome with a traditional and refreshing drink. In the afternoon you will have an introductory walk through “terra firme” in the forest behind the Tambopata Ecolodge, dominated by giant chestnut trees and Chihuahuaco trees. In this journey we will be able to appreciate mammals like the Mono Pichico or Leoncillo, Capuchinos Marrones or Mono Martín, Agutis, Pacas, Mariposas Azul-Morpho, Trogones, Tucanes and great variety of other species of birds, After enjoying the dinner we will make a nocturnal expedition where animals or nocturnal insects will be able to be appreciated, which can be located by the characteristic brightness of their eyes hired at night, which can only be seen when we illuminate them with a flashlight, approximately 50% of the animals in the jungle are nocturnal. We will spend the night at Tambopata Ecolodge.

This day we will do a expedition to the “Damned Lake”. After an early breakfast, where you and your guide will board a boat with outboard motor until you reach the beginning of the trail where we will start our walk and explore the place to reach Lake Condenado 1 & 2, in our paddle canoes, in these lakes we will appreciate a variety of birds and aquatic life. Often a family of Giant Otters or Giant Otters live in the lake.

Species of birds are especially abundant, such as herons-whiskers, white herons, tuqui, shanshos, the noisy bird Donacobius black head and many others. Remember to bring a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun because there is no shade in the lakes.

We will return to the Lodge in time to enjoy lunch. During the afternoon you can explore the forest near the lodge (with or without your guide) or relax and swim in the Gallocunca a clear and fresh stream next to the lodge, we also have a platform where you can observe plants and birds that are not seen on the ground (extra cost).

At nightfall, the adventure does not end as you and your guide will look for caimans and other nocturnal animals in the motorized canoe along the Tambopata River.

This day we will go from the Ecolodge to the city of Puerto Maldonado to take our return flight. Your guide will support you on your arrival in Puerto Maldonado. They will also take you to the airport and assist you on your departure flight.

Additional days at Tambopata Eco Lodge:

If you wish to stay at the Eco-Lodge, it is possible for any number of extra days at the hostel, in addition to the program described above. You choose if you want the assistance of our Guide, although it has an additional cost, you will enjoy free tours to explore the Peruvian jungle.


During these days you can explore a group of trails in more detail and move beyond the hostel to places that have not been visited before; you can repeat the visit to the lakes and if it is possible to join other groups, you will have more time to visit wonderful places and areas that you like best; in addition to activities such as climbing trees with your hands assisted by ropes and having a different view of the area from the top of the tree at a great height, where you can appreciate the forest and to observe the tree orchids and the many other species of plants and animals that are never seen near the ground. Food and lodging are included during each of these days.

Included in the tour:

  • All meals and lodging from lunch on Day 1 to Breakfast on the third day.
  • All tours are guided according to your itinerary.
  • All transfers from your arrival to Puerto Maldonado until your return to the airport for your return trip.
  • A nocturnal excursion along the river in search of Caimans.

Not included in the tour:

Air tickets to and from Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata National Reserve entrance fee

(US$12.00 PER PERSON), airport taxes. Any drink you can buy at the bar. Tips. Ascent to the platform.

Very important Transfers to Tambopata In/Out Hostel:

Arrival transfer (Puerto Maldonado – Lodge): Daily transfers from 12:00hrs. to

12:40hrs, after 13:00hrs private transfers are required at additional cost. Transfers after 16:00 hrs. They are not possible for the security of the passengers, they will have to stay in the city assuming their expenses of lodging and food to be transferred at first hour of the following day by private transport or to wait until the hour of the daily transfers.

Departure transfer (Lodge-Puerto Maldonado): we have daily departures from 6:30hrs to 7:00hrs so we recommend flights after 10:30hrs.

Preparation for Tour:

The paperwork. – Check if your passport is valid for the duration of your trip. Consult if you require a visa according to your nationality. Passports must be in perfect condition (no stains, staples, paper clips, trademarks, etc.).

Travelling with children. – If you are traveling with your children under 15 years old , you must tell us so that our team can organize according to your condition, it is very important to indicate the age of the minors.

About your health. – Obligatory vaccinations: there is no obligatory vaccination. Recommended vaccines: it is recommended to update the classic vaccines such as: diphtheria, tetanus and polio +/-whooping cough, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B. A dental and medical check-up is also recommended.

Acclimatization. – This hike requires an adequate acclimatization according to the levels, it is recommended a good acclimatization in altitude at 3500 m. or make similar tours where we recommend our clients to do the “Salkantay” or Sacred Valley hike.

Physical preparation – To fully enjoy your adventure, don’t forget to stay in shape at least once a week by hiking (15 to 22 km).

Your equipment on the hike – All your equipment must be divided between the backpack for hiking and your light travel bag that must carry a padlock, this will be carried by the horses. For this do not put in the bag your fragile things, because with the load can be broken.

RATES 2019-2020

Exclusive service: we will only operate on our tourists; we will not pass or join with other agencies. Our groups in average are from 2 to 6 people, the departure is guaranteed 100% even if it is only one person.

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