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Uyuni Salt Tour – Bolivia

Salar Uyuni
Salar Uyuni
Salar Uyuni
Salar Uyuni
Salar Uyuni

Uyuni Salt Flat Classic Tour 3 Days

The vast Salar de Uyuni, which occupies more than 10,000 square kilometers, is located at the southern end of the Bolivian Altiplano. It is a high interior drainage plain located in the central Andes. Some 40,000 years ago this area was part of a gigantic prehistoric lake that dried seasonally, leaving enormous amounts of salt to evaporate.

This salt has been traditionally harvested by the local people known as the Aymara, who still predominate in the area. However, the Uyuni is also one of the world’s richest lithium deposits, whose reserves are estimated at 9 million tons. In fact in the photograph, the geometric shapes we see in the upper left correspond to large lithium evaporation ponds, where lithium bicarbonate is isolated from the brine. Lithium is used in the manufacture of batteries, and demand has increased significantly in recent years, especially for the production of electric car batteries.

Departure to the town of Villamar (10:00), visiting the train cemetery, the colonial church of San Cristóbal and the towns of Culpina and Alota, and also the Valley of the rocks – famous rock with interesting shapes due to wind erosion . Then you will arrive at Villamar and accommodation at Jardines de Mallku Cueva Hotel (5pm). Visit to the cave paintings of Tomás Lakjas. Lunch dinner.


Departure to the Red Lagoon (06:00), where we will meet the famous James Flamingos, unique in their species, we can also see the change of color in the lagoon to red. Then we will go to the Sun Geysers, to the Laguna Verde, passing by the water source. Visit to the Laguna Verde, on the edge of the Llicancahur Volcano. Road trip north of Colchani. Arrival and accommodation at Palacio de Sal Hotel (7:00 PM), the first hotel totally made of salt. Lunch dinner.


We enter the Great Salt Flat (10:00), observing the way the salt is extracted, the trip to the Island of Incahuasi (also known as Isla de los Pescados), where you can see the famous Giant Cactus, then we will go to the North to the foothills of the Thunupa Volcano to visit Pucara Ayque and admire the precolonial ruins and the ancient mummies, after that we will return to Uyuni and observe the exceptional sunset on the edge of the Salar. Lunch will be served in the center of the Great Salt Flat at a convenient time. END OF OUR SERVICES

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 It includes:

  • Private transport.
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  • Hotels specified.
  • Foods.
  • Tickets.

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We are a Tour Operator totally authorized to carry out Tourist Activities in the different tourist sites in Cusco, certificates granted by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (DIRCETUR and MINCETUR).

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