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Coroico, The Death Route – Bolivia

Coroico La Death Road Bolivia
Coroico La Death Road Bolivia
Coroico La Death Road Bolivia
Coroico La Death Road Bolivia
Coroico La Death Road Bolivia

Coroico La Death Road (Ruta De La Muerte Coroico)

Un emocionante paseo en bicicleta de montaña fuera de La Paz, Bolivia.

Se les recogerá a los pasajeros a las 7:00 en nuestros vehículos rumbo a la Cumbre. Al llegar al mencionado lugar, el guía dará la charla sobre la seguridad y las instrucciones necesarias para saber cómo se debe manejar las bicicletas en este camino. Luego, se inicia el descenso, en esta primera parte el camino es asfaltado, tiene un recorrido aproximado de 2 horas. En el trayecto podrán observar y disfrutar de una vista maravillosa de las montañas nevadas. En el control policial se detienen para pagar 25 Bolivianos, por persona, para ingresar al Parque de Ciclistas, esto significa que el tránsito de vehículos por el camino está prohibido.

Una de las paradas será en Chuspipata, en este lugar el guía impartirá nuevamente instrucciones a los turistas para poder continuar por el camino de tierra, durante este trayecto se disfruta de una vegetación exuberante. Al llegar a San Juan se servirá un refrigerio.

El tour finaliza en la localidad de Yolosa. Luego, se dirigirán a la población de Santa Bárbara en nuestros vehículos, lugar donde podrán disfrutar de un baño con duchas de agua caliente, disfrutan de la piscina, degustan de un almuerzo buffet y pueden contemplar el paisaje de Coroico.

El retorno a la ciudad de La Paz es entre las 18:30 y 19:30.

Advantages of contracting this tour with Rainbow Peru Travel

  • Personalized assistance: You will have private transportation and a specialized guide just for your group.
  • Departure and return times will be adapted to the availability of time you have.
  • You will have more time to get to know in depth the place and the culture of its inhabitants.


  • Take a liter of water for the first part.
  • Long sleeve shirts.
  • Warm clothes from May to September.

Our Service Includes

  • Guide (Spanish).
  • Cycling equipment.
  • Support transport that will take all your luggage.
  • CD With the best photos of the trip
  • Free T-shirt
  • Lunch at the end of the trip.

Suggested Equipment List

  • Replacement clothing.
  • Binoculars.
  • Extra shoes in case they get wet.
  • Flashlights, includes extra batteries.
  • Personal hygiene equipment.
  • Hat, sunglasses, sun block, impermiable clothes.
  • Small backpack.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Water bottle for the first part.

Why book with Rainbow Peru Travel?

Our travel agency works directly with our passengers, therefore, we do not work with intermediaries or give commissions to third party agencies that increase prices unnecessarily.

In our company we work with 100% local people, professionals in the area of tourism who are constantly trained, which guarantees a fully personalized service.

We are a Tour Operator totally authorized to carry out Tourist Activities in the different tourist sites in Cusco, certificates granted by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (DIRCETUR and MINCETUR).

We have many years of experience, we know our region because it is our area of work, so we find the right solution to the various situations that may arise and fortuitously, this way of working is our best letter of introduction.

RATES 2019-2020

Exclusive service: we will only operate on our tourists; we will not pass or join with other agencies. Our groups in average are from 2 to 6 people, the departure is guaranteed 100% even if it is only one person.

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Highlights of the tour

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