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Arequipa Tour + Santa Catalina Monastery + Visit Mommy Juanita

Monasterio de Santa Catalina
Monasterio de Santa Catalina
Monasterio de Santa Catalina
Momia Juanita
Momia Juanita

Arequipa: It is the city where illustrious men were born and where heroic actions took place for the national freedom, Arequipa is one of the regions with greater protagonism in the history of Peru. as they are: Jose Vizcardo Guzmán, Mariano Melgar, Nicolas de Pierola, Victor Belaunde, Mario Vargas Llosa Arequipa is a beautiful land and with a splendid geography and beautiful cities. Whether through the surprising Colca Valley, with its terraces and colonial churches or its impressive snow-capped mountains, which contain ancient mysteries such as the Juanita Mummy and the birth of the Amazon River, in the Cotahuasi Canyon, the deepest in the world.

The Convent of Santa Catalina.

The Monastery of Private Nuns of the Order of Saint Catherine of Siena -original name- was a convent built in a land of 20 thousand square meters to lodge the daughters of the most distinguished families of Arequipa.

It was a convent of absolute cloister until 1970, since that year the nuns decide to live in community and leave their cloisters to be visited by tourists.

When you visit the convent of Santa Catalina you will know that it is a small citadel built in mud and ashlar with magnificent fresco paintings that occupy an area of 20 thousand square meters which is divided into four neighborhoods, trying to emulate the urban distribution arequipeña of the early years of the Colony.

La Momia Juanita. – In our trip we will make a visit to see the Mummy Juanita in the Andean Sanctuary Museum, it is important that you visit this museum when you visit Arequipa. Your visit will offer you a vivid and unforgettable understanding of human sacrifice in the time of the Incas.

This museum is located just one block from the Plaza de Armas is the Andean Sanctuary Museum, created especially to exhibit artifacts associated with the discovery of mummies in the region of Arequipa. Upon arrival, we will accompany our passengers to an observation room to watch an informative video detailing the discovery of the Mummy Juanita, what is known about her and the culture to which she belonged.

And how to forget the Misti Volcano, with its 5 822 masl.

Itinerary of Arequipa Tour

In our trip we will visit the “Andean Sanctuary Museum”, where the famous mummy Juanita is exhibited along with other mummies, its history reminds us of the beliefs and the relationship of man with the nature of our ancestors. We will also visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina, the Plaza de Armas, the Jesuit Church of the Company and the Casona Tristán del Pozo.

Our trip begins when we pick you up from your hotel and we will go in our private transport to the Monastery of Santa Catalina. The Monastery of Santa Catalina has an antiquity of four centuries of Arequipa architecture among: the intrusive cells, the small streets, the cloisters full of colourful flowers, the walls painted in fresh dyes, the narrow alleys lead to the different points of the Monastery that go through picturesque, colourful places and places to be, rest in the original furniture that are also found during this tour.

Then we will make a visit to the Plaza de Armas which is considered one of the most beautiful in Peru; the Jesuit Church of the Company which in its facade announces the so-called mestizo architecture, its cloisters and dome; the Casona de Tristán del Pozo for many the facade has the best exponent of typical ornamentation of Arequipa and to finish the tour we will make a tour to the important Andean Sanctuary Museum, where is the Lady of the Ampato known as ‘The Mummy Juanita’ among others, whose stories show the religious magical beliefs of the relationship of man with nature.


Official Tourist Guide and tickets

What to bring to the tour

  • Bottle of water.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat or cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Local money (soles)

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