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Rainbow Peru Travel

We are a travel agency integrated totally by Peruvians; committed with the quality of service and the good practices; offering a permanent assistance before, during and after your tourist route.

We are sure that you want to have the best travel experience to Cusco, we are an agency “Operator” ie we do the tours directly us, that’s why we know every detail of the tour you want to visit.

Peru is a country with an incredible cultural wealth inherited by the settlers, we are a country with enigmas not yet deciphered and beautiful landscapes product of the geography so rugged, but you see as surprising as our new wonder of the world Machupicchu.

As a company we seek to meet the needs, expectations and tastes of our travelers, we offer destinations that our country can provide, in addition to new ones that are new and are cause for conversation around the world. Whether you travel with family, friends or backpacker, we can provide what you need with the quality you deserve as a traveler, our team, they are professional guides who are specialized in different branches of tourism such as: cultural, mystical and adventure, we await you to provide a guaranteed and personalized service, with very competitive prices.

They will be experiences that you will never forget.

We are a company committed to environmental protection

As a company we are committed to the impact to the environment that the human being is making the planet, that is why we are careful with our practices, whether in the management of solid waste and the culture that we impart to our travelers, which will make the environment remain intact and even cause a positive impact on ecology.